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This section is about what you should do before you buy an air conditioner in Singapore. It also contains some common terms used in air conditioning in Singapore.

Air Con Terms and Jargons

Before i start, there are some technical terms or jargons used in air conditioning which u all should know abit beforehand.

BTU = British Thermal Units. This is a unit for cooling capacity. A higher value means higher cooling power. There are 9000btu(10000btu), 12000btu(13000btu), 15000btu(16000btu), 18000btu, 22000btu(20000btu), 24000btu(26000btu) and 30000btu.
* Some people like to use Hp to define the cooling capacity. Nothing wrong with that but try stick to BTU or kW as both use more commonly in Singapore.

Outdoor Unit = the big rectangular stuff u placed on air con ledge or mount on a stainless steel bracket. Some people call it 'compressor' but actually the compressor is part of the outdoor unit.

Indoor Unit or Fan Coil or FCU (fan coil unit) = this 'air con' inside your home.

Compressor = the main component for your air conditioner. It is mounted inside the outdoor unit.

Refrigerant = the working fluid for air con. There are R22 and R410A currently in use for residential. People always tends to say 'Gas'...Dun do that!!! Caused it is not always Gas...it is at times LIQUID..!
Use 'Refrigerant' instead.

Class 1 & Class O = Fire Propagation Test Standards for insulation. In simple terms, the insulation inability to burn.

Grade = Actually it should be Gauge. It is an industrial term to describe thickness of metal. In our case, thickness of the copper pipe. 'Grade 23' means 0.61mm thick.

Insulation = the foam or rubberly 'layer' covering the copper pipe. Its function is to prevent heat gain.

System 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5) = The figure means number of indoor units to 1 outdoor unit. For example, a System 4 will be 4 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit.

9+12+18 ( or any other number combinations ) = Using 9+12+18 as an example, it means a System 3 with one 9000btu indoor Unit, one 12000btu indoor Unit and one 18000btu indoor Unit.

Single Split = this also means System 1. Therefore it will have 1 indoor unit to 1 outdoor unit.

Non Inverter = the conventional air conditioner or 'fixed speed'.

Inverter = the more energy efficient and expensive air conditioner or 'variable speed'.

Manufacturer or Agent = the manufactuers like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, etc.

Dealer = the retailer or installer

**Learning this will not impress the salesman but at least u will not look 'blur blur'. **


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