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This section is about what you should do before you buy an air conditioner in Singapore. It also contains some common terms used in air conditioning in Singapore.

Same product but different prices? Why?

There are so many retailers/dealers selling air conditioners in Singapore.
Basically, all these shops sell the same product with different prices? Why?

1) Company background
Some retailers do not have any 'in house' installers, they use sub contractors on per need basics. Thus they do not have the burden of employing workers with fixed salary. In this case, they are able to charge cheaper but the workmanship is not as reliable or subjected to the skill of the engaged installers.

2) Other income
Some compaines do manufacture stainless bracket, do servicing, sell ceiling fans or other electrical appliances. Thus is able to reduce their price a little..just a little.

3) Installation materials
Some uses inferior installation materials. Some reuse old copper pipes. Or use smaller drainage pipes like 13mm. In some bad cases, some even 'downgrade' the copper pipe sizes.

4) After sales service
Some have too few service teams to settle customer's complaints.

5) Other sales revenue
Some get you to sign service contracts or buy extended warranty so they will earn from there to compensate the smaller profit from the sale of air conditioners.

6) Wholesalers or Major Authorised Dealer
Some retailers do wholesale business or commit a lot of volume from one manufacturers. Therefore able to get a better price through incentives from the manufacturers.

7) Hidden Cost
Some retailers quote an intial lower price but request the buyer to top up additional cash due to some 'unforseen' circumstances.

8) Promotion
Sometimes it may be just a genuine promotion.

My recommendation?
1) Visit a few and listen to each and every salestalk and decide for yourself who is more trustworthy and reliable.
2) Ask around and seek opinion.
3) Use my checklist to access the retailer.

If u have any good or bad experience with any retailers, feel free to share with me.
Email me at singaporeaircon@yahoo.com.sg


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